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Tips To Help You Win In Sweepstakes!


1. Always read the fine-print rules and make sure you’re eligible to enter.
Country magazine, for example, sponsors an ongoing cooking contest seeking authentic regional recipes from across the U.S. and Canada. Four winners are selected each month to receive $50, plus have their recipes published. However, the contest is restricted to paid subscribers. (If you are a subscriber, however, this dramatically losers the competition!)

2. Enter contests sponsored by smaller circulation or specialty magazines. The less publicized the contest, the better your chance of winning.

3. Keep a list of ongoing contests and a copy of the official rules for each promotion in a binder or notebook.
This makes it easier to refer back to the rules when you come up with a great entry idea.

4. Keep entering, and submit multiple entries if the rules permit.
The advantage of entering ongoing contests is they offer a new chance to win each week or month. Be persistent and keep trying. The longer the contest runs, the better your odds are of winning more prizes.

With a little research, you’ll be surprised by the number of ongoing creative contests you can uncover. Besides all the extra cash and prizes up for grabs, there’s usually no deadline to worry about!

Antique Auction Do's and Don't's

         Getting Your Money’s Worth!

Examine the items at the presale exhibition carefully. (Take a long a tape measure and a flashlight.) Beware of wooden furniture with legs made of wood that differs from the surface. Chances are someone has put the piece together from two or more pieces.

When an item catches your interest, ask the attendant what price it is likely to bring- usually a pretty good estimate.

If you can narrow your choice to one item of each type, you don’t have to attend the auction. simply decide on the maximum you are willing to pay and place the bid in advance. If a price isn’t bid up to your price, the auctioneer will award it to you at the next level of bidding.

Example: If your bid was $250 but the bidding stopped at $175, you will get the piece for $200.

On the other hand, if you cannot narrow your choice to one item of each type and you must be physically present at the auction, find out what time the first item on your list will go on the block. Rule of thumb: Most auctions clip along at about 100 items an hour. Hence, if you are planning to bid on Lot 121, you can arrive an hour after the auction is scheduled to begin.

Antique means that an object is 100 years old or older.

Buyers do best in June, July, August and December, which are slow months at most auction houses.

Auctioneers never take anything back. They re not responsible for bidder’s errors. When in doubt, take an expert along.

Don’t be overeager. It encourages bids from “phantom” buyers, bidding you up. Best not to open the bidding.

Don’t worry about bidding against dealers. They have to buy low enough to handle their overhead and make a profit.

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